FoodFind: Chicken Charlie

first of all, i would like to apologize for the slightly blurry pictures.  i swear, it doesn’t do the chicken justice!  remind me not to use a phone camera for important pictures. haha.

we were on our way to lunch at Tasty Dumpling in the Banawe area after church service today.  D had already found a parking spot when i saw a new place across the street called Chicken Charlie.  D stayed in the car while I hopped out to spy on the exteriors.  the place looked clean enough and i was in the mood to try something new.  so i motioned to hubby, he moved into the proper parking space, and in we went.  we were the only customers there.  at first.

the menu is simple and quite limited, but i'm not complaining

after deciding to try the 2-drumticks-and-4-wings combo, we settled into our seats, D watching HBO and me reaching for their stack of glossy magazines.  it was almost 12 noon by then, and we were the only ones there, so we were expecting a quiet lunch.

Lo and behold, while we were waiting for our orders (they only cook the chicken after you order, so that was several minutes) several people came and ordered.  some for dine in, some for take out.  the place is quite small, can accommodate maybe 14 people, so the place was already packed by the time our food arrived.

it was worth the wait.  crunchy skin bursting with flavor. the meat was, well, chicken meat.  not bad, not spectacular either.  the skin was clearly the star of the show.  even though D and i were in a rush to finish to make way for the other customers waiting for seats, we still managed to enjoy the meal.  definitely a use-your-hands-to-munch-your-chicken place.

our chicken basket

check it out!  it’s at Amoranto street near the corner of Banawe. will definitely bring my dad there.

Oh, and yeah, we’ll try the Bundaberg drink that they offer next time.  quite pricey at php90, but we think we should try once. (and the sugar content is nothing compared to C2!)

3 Responses to “FoodFind: Chicken Charlie”
  1. deohsan says:

    A-ha! I found it at last! =)

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