My Mentors

i said earlier that this was to be a food blog, most of the time.  though i had occasionally cooked when i was still single, it wasn’t until i was married that i had begun experimenting in the kitchen.  in the earlier months, i tried to come up with something different as much as i could, and because i am not rich enough that i could throw away experiments that had gone wrong, i would go to the internet and search for recipes depending on what ingredients i had available.

thus, i discovered — i became an instant fan because of the practicality of her recipes.  ingredients are not hard to find most of the time, and the pictures were lovely, and the author explains things very well.  and of course, local recipes would be there.  i had recommended the site to a few friends, and they are now fans as well.

another site is the site.  found it while i was looking for a chili crab recipe.  now having said that, i have never tried cooking the chili crab. hubby is not a big fan of shrimps and crabs, so i would have to wait for a better timing to try it.

i have a few recipes from those sites in my recipe scrapbook. the scrapbook that i use is my old starbucks planner.  i will post pictures of it next time.  i promise.

dinner for tonight — fried fish with salted eggs and tomatoes.


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