In Search of Mushrooms

I know there are dozens and dozens of types of mushrooms that are edible, and to be honest, I’ve only tried three.  Button mushrooms, widely available in canned goods sections in the grocery, Shiitake mushrooms, and straw mushrooms.  A few months ago, a visit to my mother-in-law’s house brought about an introduction to another kind, golden mushrooms.

Now, I regularly use those four mushrooms on my stir fry dishes.  But if you know me, I like trying something new.  So I browsed the supermarket’s cold section in search of other kinds.  There were plenty, yes, but the prices were astronomical.  One styro container (the small square one at that) would cost something like Php130.  That is too much for me, considering that I only cook for two and knowing that whatever I do with it would be experimental.

Lucky for me, there was one kind that was acceptable.  Oyster mushrooms!  I have never tried them, so I took a pack and tried it with broccoli.  It was good!  Definitely something that I will buy again in the future.  Soft and fragrant, with that melt-in-the-mouth texture. Another keeper!


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