Breakfast at Bellore

Recently, Hubby and I have been trying to make it a regular habit to jog at least once a week.  The university campus where I took my undergrad is a great place for it, with half of the academic oval now devoted to joggers and bikes.  Large trees abound, protecting us from the sun.  Not to mention that there are so many joggers there, which makes that much more less boring.  (Yes, D uses it as a time to mentally critique passing bikes as well!)

It was after one of those trips, on our way home, that we happened to pass by a restaurant that we now frequent for buffet breakfast.  A large sign near their door showed that buffet breakfast was at Php125… who could resist that?  I was thinking, breakfast at a fast food would cost more than Php90 for a meal (I usually upgrade to an iced tea drink), and here, I could just pay a little extra for a buffet!  AND it comes with one glass of orange juice!

Anyhow, at Php125, we were certainly not expecting a very elaborate breakfast, though the place did look quite fancy from the outside.  As D parked our car, I went in to check the details, and even asked the waiter whether we were allowed to dine, considering that D and I were in our jogging attire.  J  Our verdict?  Limited choices on the menu, but what was on the table tasted good and the food was freshly cooked.  They also were attentive in refilling the buffet table. (That is something I particularly notice at buffet setups, but maybe I’ll save that for another post.)

Here are a few pictures, to give you an idea.  D was particularly fond of the eggplant dish.  I am not a fan of champorado, but I did try a serving and it was good! =)

Bellore is near the corner of Examiner and Times Streets at Quezon City.

3 Responses to “Breakfast at Bellore”
  1. Lovelee says:

    Bellore and also the one beside it, Grills and Sizzles are great places to eat a breakfast buffet especially for that price. Very affordable and the food is deliciously cooked and fresh. 🙂

  2. emnidy says:

    Try their dinner menu next time! they cook really, really, really good food. 🙂

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