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Yesterday, I was tired from a long day at the hospital.  My sister had an appendectomy last weekend, and her HMO drove us crazy. Anyhow…It was past 4:00 PM when we left the hospital and we reached home by 5.  I told D that I just needed a quick shower before we head out to dinner. I was certainly not in the mood to cook anymore and besides, I had not defrosted anything from the freezer.

While discussing where to eat, D had suggested the grille/steak restaurant beside Bellore.  They served a buffet steak dinner at about Php300 per person.  Though we had agreed to try it sometime, I did not feel that that day was the right time.  Besides, we needed to recover from a few recent expenses.

D’s next suggestion was to cruise around the Timog area, but I vetoed that out too because Timog is not exactly known for cheap dining experiences.  I also wanted a place with a relaxing atmosphere, to free me from the stress we experienced at the hospital earlier.  We tried calling a couple of restaurants in the UP Diliman campus area, but they were not open on Sunday nights.

So we went to the Banawe area.  D was quiet while driving, obviously not happy with me vetoing his suggestions.  We lived in the vicinity of Banawe for more than a year, and had been to practically all the restaurants there.  I was in the mood for sushi, but an earlier check of menus online told me sushi would be an expensive choice as well.

As we made a left turn to Banawe from del Monte Avenue, my eye caught a new sign a block or so away to our right:  King Chef.  I remember someone (I can’t remember who though) saying that King Chef was better than Hanobe so I asked hubby if he wanted to try it.  It’s easy to find, even though it’s not exactly along Banawe.  It’s on Selecta Drive, and is adjacent to Starbucks. (That bright, red sign along Banawe really helped.)

After finding a parking spot–it shocked me that there were so many cars parked outside, it being only 6:00 PM, quite early for a dinner crowd–I took a peek through their glass windows.  It was another am-I-allowed-to-go-in-since-I’m-wearing-shorts moment.  Part of me wanted to back out, the place looked fancy.  Good luck to our budget!

I was getting quite nervous by the time we were shown our seats.  A quick browse on the menu confirmed my fears.  Prices were quite higher than the average Chinese restaurant, and the rice toppings!  The first item on the rice toppings section costs Php295!  I was already ready to get the i-told-you-so speech later.  D was already guessing my thoughts, and made a few suggestions.

In the end, we decided to try the Hongma with Cuapao.  The ever-attentive waiter confirmed that it came with six pieces of cuapao, so we agreed that we didn’t have to order rice.  The menu said it would take 15-20 minutes to prepare, so I conceded to ordering a dimsum dish as an appetizer.

It was worth the wait.  The chicken feet was delicately prepared, with just the right amount of spice.  D would have licked the oily sauce if he could.

And the main dish!  See for yourself!  The serving was huge, huge, huge!  As they placed it on our table, the waiter was apologetic and said that the cuapao they served came in only one size.  They were HUGE.  He softly mentioned that we can just have him wrap whatever we could not finish for us to take home.  D and I agreed that it was indeed something too much for us to consume.  But the first bite made us change our minds.  It was THAT good.  Yes, we finished everything, even the veggies.  We even ordered dessert afterwards.  Feel free to call us pigs.

Dessert was mango pudding, which we shared.  The white layer is made of almonds.  We loved it.

So much for going to Serenitea afterwards.  We were too full.  Cost for the appetizer, main meal, and dessert was a little over 400 pesos. Not bad indeed. D was in a much, much, much, much better mood during dinner.  Ah, the wonders of a good meal.

They also have dimsum discounts at certain times of the day.  We will definitely try breakfast dimsum there real soon! =)

3 Responses to “foodfind: King Chef”
  1. marites ang says:

    HI emnidy! thank you for commending our food and service. I’m Marites Ang of King Chef Banawe and I hope you come back and try our other dishes! Hope I get to meet you sometime when you visit.

    • emnidy says:

      Hi Marites! Yes, we’ve been back, lots of times for the dimsum promo! Wonderful service and food quality. Hope to meet you too! =)

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