Korean Beef Ribs

Normally, I would say that this is fast and easy, but there’s nothing fast about boiling beef.  It normally takes 3 hours.

But this IS easy to cook.

The recipe is born out of an accident.  I bought the wrong thing.  I wanted korean beef stew.


Step 1.  Boil the beef ribs.  Don’t forget to remove the scum that floats after it starts boiling.

Step 2. After two hours, add the secret ingredient.

Step 3.  Turn off stove as soon as meat reaches desired tenderness.  Usually, the liquid should have trickled down to a thick, sticky, overly flavorful sauce at this point.  Add sesame seeds as garnish (optional).

Now, some things to note here–

First, I intentionally did not put the mix in early on.  Some might argue that doing so would make the meat more flavorful as it has more time to absorb the flavors.  However, I discovered that adding salty stuff to the boiling water increases cooking time.  Feel free to let me know if you experienced otherwise.

Second, the package says 30 Minute Marinade.  If you read the package labels, you are supposed to marinade the meat in the mix, then grill afterwards.  But I don’t believe grilling the meat will make it soft.  Hence, I boil the meat.

Lastly, some might say that this is unhealthy and that it is not actually a ‘recipe’ — but I beg to differ.  The outcome was wonderful, and when I brought some to work, my friends all agreed that it tasted great.  I always said my aim was to make cooking less fussy if I can, as some occasions will require me to work while I cook. Leaving meat in the stove to cook while I do errands around the house seems very convenient for me.

As I write this blog entry, I am still amazed that I could not find a picture of the mix online.  Not even on the McCormick website.  I guess their products vary by country.


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