My 2011 BDJ Planner!


My 2011 Belle de Jour planner has arrived!  I was waiting for the email from the BDJ team yesterday while I was at the office, thinking that they would send me a tracking number for the shipment, but voila!  It has already arrived!

The ordering process was fairly smooth.  Placed my order online last Tuesday night, received confirmation and sent payment on Wednesday, and the planner arrived last Friday! Plus considering the fact that they had my address wrong the first time.  Talk about efficiency!

This is the second time that I purchased a BDJ.  Much as I loved the 2010 version, the 2011 is just better–the coupons are better (and more plentiful!), the binding is better, the whole thing is less bulky, and the colors are lovelier!  The only thing that I liked better on the 2010 version was that the actual ‘daily’ pages were simpler.  The 2011’s pages are colorful, but might be disturbing if you’re a neat freak, or if you prefer a monochromatic lifestyle like my hubby D.

The Ace Water Spa coupons are still there (Woohoo!), and a free BDJ card, too! The last one you can use to avail of discounts at select establishments. (Bummer on the White Hat coupon–the way I understand it, only the Yoghurt is on the promo; the toppings are to be paid separately.  Oh well.)

Can’t wait to start using it come January! =)

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