Our Japanese (and Chinese) Lunch

I had been craving sashimi all week.  Browsing through the internet for a cheap sushi lunch, I saw a shop in megamall that sold affordable ones, but found out later on that they had already closed down. 😦

Last night (Friday), while D and I were at the mall, I invited him to try a Japanese restaurant I had once saw while shopping. The food was good (I’ll write a separate entry for it) but the prices for the sashimi and sushi were very high.

Fast forward to today, here we are, having our Japanese lunch at home.  Tuna and Salmon sashimi, plus some california maki.  Everything you see in the picture was purchased from Suki market.

I was already dead set on having  just the maki and sashimi for lunch, but we got some fried rice and sweet and sour pork for D, to make the meal more filling for him.  It cost us only PhP 230.00 for the plate of sashimi in the picture (we used our Corelle dinner plate). The same price would have netted you five little slices of sashimi if you were eat at a restaurant.  That’s 1/4 kilo of salmon and 1/4 kilo of tuna, roughly.  The assorted maki plate Php80 and comes in a sealed styro container.  We have a tube of wasabi in our ref, reserved for these special occasions.

For the record, D gets all the tuna sashimi and M gets the salmon.  I loooove salmon sashimi.  I can’t imagine eating cooked salmon anymore.  The texture is just heavenly. Further for the record, D finished all his tuna, plus the rice, plus half of the SS pork. (I guess he was hungry.)

D has proposed a regular Japanese lunch.  Once a month.  And since I already found the market stall that specializes in sashimi, it’ll be no sweat.

Something to look forward to! =)

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