Foodfind: Kozui Green Tea

So here is the latest in our search for a new place to explore.  Along Tomas Morato, beside the Baang coffee shop.  I actually noticed it by accident when I was googling for reviews about Baang, and a blog that I stumbled upon mentioned that he was a regular at Kozui and just tried Baang because the place was full.  Anyhow.

So we tried it for lunch.  To be honest, if you saw the front on the shop, you wouldn’t think they served heavy meals.  It became another moment where D stays in the car while I hop out and check the menu out.  Just like what happened at Chicken Charlie.

White walls and bright green designs make the place lively and bright.   After choosing a corner table and grabbing the menu, here’s what we had for lunch…

D had the teriyaki.  Though I didn’t try a bite, I know it was good because D had hinted that he might get some extra rice after the first few bites.  The sauce was served separately, probably to keep the meat crunchy.

A fascinating thing to note: those fish flake things you see on top of the meat MOVE! Yes! Swaying like seaweeds on the ocean floor! The waitress who served it said that it really moves when heated. We took a video, I’ll post it soon. =)

I had an order of fresh spring rolls, served with peanut sauce.  Nice, light, fresh! I definitely approve!

And a plate of takoyaki.  One order consists of 5 pieces.  It was good, but I started to feel squimish after eating the first three pieces.  Maybe this is something you need to share with others, not something you should polish off on your own. Hahaha…

And they also sell cans of green tea leaves.  D likes brewing his own tea, so maybe next time we’ll grab some.

Would we go back? Yes, we would, but not that often.  The prices were quite steep for me.  Or maybe next time we’ll try their specialty drinks and desserts.

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