Fish Fillet with Ampalaya

Last Sunday, I went to the market while hubby ran some errands of his own.  Since it was relatively early, about 6:30AM, I still had quite a spread of choices in the fish section.  Because our favorite, labahita, was unavailable, I opted for another kind that I could fillet.  If I’m not mistaken, it’s called Pearl Fish, but then again, let me ask the lady at the market next time, just to be sure.

I asked them to remove the scales and the innards, and to chop it in half.  At home, I washed it, cleaned it up some more, filleted it, and cooked it with ampalaya and tausi.

I know a lot of people who despise ampalaya, but my husband loves it.  Anyway, for this dish:

1.  Fry fish fillets individually in flour-salt-pepper mixture

2.  Saute the garlic, ginger, and tausi beans.  I included a couple of tablespoons of the tausi sauce.  Add the ampalaya.

3.  When the ampalaya is cooked, add the oyster sauce mixed in the starch slurry.  You can turn off the stove as soon as the sauce turns into a transparent color.

The fish head was steamed, and eaten with a drizzle of seasoning.  Deeee-lish!

As I was doing this dish, I was thinking… really… adding a post on how to fillet fish would be helpful.  I learned simply by watching them doing it in the market, plus some logic here and there, and trying it a few times on my own.  Sorry I can’t post pictures though, I couldn’t hold the camera while my hands were smelling like raw fish.

Buy tweezers!  It’s a great kitchen tool! =)

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