Sashimi Night Part II: Veggie Fest

On our next home sashimi session, we decided to have a veggie feast along with it, instead of the california maki and sweet and sour pork that appeared a couple of weeks back.    So here you have it, three kinds of veggies.

First, pechay tagalog, cooked with oyster sauce, garlic, and a drizzle of sesame oil…

Asparagus with garlic sauce…

And lastly, baguio beans with logganisa.


And for those of you asking about the wasabi that we use with the sashimi, well, here is the one that we got from the grocey.  The color is darker and the consistency is smoother, but achieves the same goodness and effect nonetheless (according to D anyway… I don’t eat that stuff).

Happy (semi-) healthy eating!

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  1. […] I used it to flavor the veggies for dinner.  You might notice that I already did that once, on our tempura with veggies dinner.  The longganisa I used was a leftover from breakfast.  Why not, […]

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