In an earlier post, I mentioned that we would be using the Ensogo coupons.  We went to Clawdaddy at the Shangrila Mall, and had a blast!

My folks and I are big fans of crab, while D and my sister are not.  We opted to order a variety of dishes to satisfy everyone’s cravings.  Here’s a rundown:

The freebie, grilled corn on the cob. This kept us alive as we started dinner quite late because of the traffic.

Appetizer Sample Platter.  The breaded things you see in the picture contain cheese sticks and mean green jalapeno peppers. I didn’t get to try the buffalo wings, but the fries were great with the tomato dip.

Crab Maritess, the star of the show!  This was their bestseller, though I’ve tried the butter ginger one and another flavor with lemons (?) that were good too.

The crab was huge.  The claw was HUGE. There were 5 of us, but 2 would not eat crab.  We ordered a 1kg male crab, nonetheless.

King BBQ Caboodle, for the carnivores in the group.  Tender ribs, quarter of chicken, and a couple of sausages, plus 3 sides.

And here is what the voucher looks like.  It was a big discount for us, so yes, I am now officially a fan of Ensogo.  =)


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