Sashimi Night Part III: Shrimp Tempura

So, onto our third sashimi session.  This time, while I was thinking of what to pair with it, D mentioned that he wanted some rice.  As I was poring over the cupboards and the freezer, thinking of what to cook, I suddenly had the inspiration to cook shrimp tempura.  Good thing there was just enough breading.  The only shrimp I had in the freezer was the suahe shrimp.  It’ll do.

The recipe that I followed for the shrimp tempura comes from, though I didn’t use the recipe posted there for the dipping sauce due to missing ingredients.  When cooking the shrimp, the assembly line method for the shrimp coating was really helpful!  Hubby was fascinated so much that though I asked him to help out by fishing out the shrimp as soon as they turned golden brown, he insisted on doing the breading part for the last 6 pieces that we cooked. It was fun indeed. 🙂

For the dipping sauce, I used a mixture of pork broth, light soy sauce, honey, and finely grated ginger.  Green onions were added at the last minute.  While I was simmering it on the stove, I took a teaspoonful to taste and thought that we had put in too much ginger, but found out that it was just right when we were already dipping the tempura into it.  After dinner, I found out from a google search that the white things we usually find on the dipping sauce in the restaurants are actually grated radish.  Now I know.  Next time.

The yellow swirly things you see in the middle are just the leftover egg from the batter. I added some water and turned it into an omelette.  Didn’t want it to go to waste. 🙂

I have no idea why some of them curled up while the others remained straight.  Maybe it has to do with the way they were placed in the pot of oil?

Sidenote: Once, I attended a wedding banquet wherein the caterer was cooking the tempura on the spot. They dipped the shrimp in flour then dipped it in a pancake-like batter.  I wonder what that is.  I need to do more research. Or maybe next time I need to be less shy and just ask.  =)


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