Chicken a la King

For today’s lunch, I prepared Chicken a la King.  It was just right as I had spare ingredients in the ref, save one.  I would’ve cooked it the other night, but alas, we were out of mushrooms.

Here is my version.


Chicken fillet (I used 2 legs and a thigh), chopped

1 small bell pepper

1 potato, diced

button mushrooms, sliced

cream of mushroom soup


evap milk


garlic (I used 3 cloves)


Melt some butter in a pan and fry potatoes until the edges turn brown.  Set aside.

Stir fry the bell pepper and chicken and mushrooms with the minced garlic until cooked.  Remember that stir fry requires high heat.

Add some flour.  How much will depend on how thick you want your sauce to be.  Stir until distributed evenly, then add the cream of mushroom soup.  If you are using the powdered kind, like I did, dissolve it in water first.

Add the milk.  Use small amounts at a time.  It will balance the saltiness of the mushroom soup.

Pour in the crunchy potatoes.   Add pepper to taste.

Serve hot over rice or bread.  Enjoy! =)


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