Our Little Christmas Project

For the past two years as a married couple, D and I try to be diligent in always keeping in touch with our ninongs and ninangs.  We really appreciate them because they do give good advice to us all the time, as our real parents would.  At the very least, we visit each one during Christmas, and give them a little token of our appreciation.

Last year, we gave them an assortment of goodies from Purple Oven.  Brownies, cakes, and other pastries.  Food is always a safe choice, but we learned that it was quite a hassle to prepare something that had to be consumed immediately.  For one thing, storage was an issue.  We needed to keep the goodies in a cool place.  Secondly, we had to distribute them immediately.  Moreover, the recipients should have enough storage space in their ref at home, too.

This year, we got a little wiser and decided to give them something that would keep longer.  Bottles and contents were purchased separately, then packaged nicely.  Plus, we only packed them an hour before the actual meet up.

*Names intentionally blurred for privacy.

And here are the bottles in the assembly line, freshly washed…

Happy Holidays to all! =)


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