M’s Chopsuey

Here is another veggie dish that D and I both enjoyed.  Crunchy mixed veggies with chicken liver sneaked in.  I say ‘sneak’ because D doesn’t like eating liver, but was okay as long as he could remove them from his plate.

Since I didn’t want my veggies to be soggy, I cooked them separately, one at a time.  Once all the veggies are cut to the right size and cleaned, stir fry them one by one until almost cooked and set aside.  (I used cauliflowers, chicharo, sayote, and baguio beans, but feel free to replace with other veggies.) This is the safest way to do it because the different veggies take different times to cook and you don’t want a mix of soggy and half-cooked veggies.  I think in this batch, I blanched the cauliflower and boiled the sayote slices.  Everything else was stir fried in a little oil.  You’ll know they’re okay when the color changes to a vibrant hue.

When all the veggies are done, stir fry the chicken liver.  In this case, the heart was included because I bought them from the grocery.  (I found out later on that the system is different in the local market where the chicken heart goes with the chicken breast.  Oh well.)  You want the chicken liver to be slightly undone, with small traces of blood, when you add all the other veggies. Then add some chicken stock mixed with starch slurry for that extra thick saucy goodness.  Mix well and you’re done!

Serve at once.  Leaving them on the wok will continue the cooking process and might result in wilted veggies. Enjoy! =D


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