Breakfast for Two: Baguettes

Every so often, i try to think of something different to prepare.  on weekdays when D and i rush to get to work on time, the usual breakfast is a packed sandwich, either PB&J, ham, cheese, tuna, marmalade, whatever.  so on weekends, when we have more time, we have an occasional pancake breakfast, or ma-chang, or rice with longganisa.

a couple of weeks ago, an idea came up.  i had planned on getting some bagels, and using cheese spread on top.  i intend to post a separate entry on that lovely cheese.  next time.  anyhow.  i asked some friends on where i could get some nice bagels, and was pointed to the nearby French Baker shop.  when i got there, bagels were sold 5 pieces per bag, and i though 5 pieces was just too much for us.  they had lots of other types of bread, and finally decided on getting a small baguette, an egg roll (bread), and walnut bun.

i have a theory:  if you wrap something in aluminum foil, it won’t burn in the oven.  it won’t have the black charred marks.  it won’t be cold inside while the outer crust is burned.  so  i wrapped the baguette in a foil. sealed!  and into the oven it went.  i wanted it to be nice and warm when i served it, so i think i left it in the toaster oven for more than 10 minutes.  then i took out all the spreads we had in our refrigerator, including the butter and cheese.  this is like hotel breakfast at your own home. =)   on the side, some lean bacon.  i discovered Purefoods Lean and Mean bacon, and i am hooked!  such little fat, yet crunchy!  we love it!

on the side, fresh chilled melons.

Hubby did the honors of slicing the bread.  he initially had grape jelly, and i used butter.  but towards the end, i think we both settled on the cheese.  it was a winning combination.

good food, good conversation, relaxing mood.  what a way to start the day. =)


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