Pork BBQ Ribs

There was a time when i could buy pork ribs in the supermarket.  Just the ribs, and I could cook it directly into a nice BBQ slab.  But alas, they no longer offer it.  Now, I have to buy it with the liempo part attached to it.  So the last time I had to buy the whole slab, I just told the butcher to separate the liempo from the ribs, and I used the liempo part to cook the lechon kawali and pork hofan noodle soup.

Since this blog is dedicated to making cooking easy, I won’t be ashamed to admit that I use bottled marinade for my barbecued ribs.  Specifically,  a brand that I trust.  Where can we get better barbecues than good ol’ Reyes Barbecue?  Yes, you can buy marinade from them!  I noticed though, that not all branches sell it.  It comes is a jam-sized bottle, and labelled as Frank’s.

Now, for the easy-as-1-2-3 procedure!

1.  Boil ribs in water until tender, for about an hour or so. (I usually boil it with the liempo part and just separate it later)

2.  When meat is tender, boil it in a small amount of water and mix in the marinade.  Pretty much, braising.  Simmer it until the sauce is almost all dry.

3.  Toast in oven to attain desired texture.  It shouldn’t take longer than 5 minutes.  It will give you the nice charred effect, plus a hint of crunchiness.

Serve hot!

In the traditional environment, buttered veggies would best accompany this dish.  Yummy goodness.

2 Responses to “Pork BBQ Ribs”
  1. jared veloria says:

    good day! Just wanted to ask where you were able to source your ribs? which supermarket were you talking about? i’ve been trying to get a hold of them for a long time, but as you’ve said in the market i usually buy the whole liempo and just have the butcher separate the meat from the bone.

  2. emnidy says:

    They sell it at MyOwn meatshop at Panay Avenue QC, and at S&R 🙂

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