Pork Hofan Noodle Soup

So, after I cut up the ribs part to make the barbecued slab, what did I do with the liempo?  A part of it was “stolen” to make some nice, piping-hot noodle soup that I served on a cold rainy night.  And for a change, I used hofan instead of the usual egg noodles.

The hardest part is cutting up the meat into thin slices.  It is easier to do when the meat is cold.  Remember that I boiled the ribs and liempo part together to make it tender, on the same day that I cooked the ribs.  So the liempo has been in the ref overnight, and double points for me, I could also now easily remove the fatty layer of oil that has solidified in the ref.  Much of the broth that I got from softening the meat went into this soup dish too.

Prepare hard-boiled eggs separately.  Slice the meat while cold.  Heat up the broth until boiling, then add the noodles. Add salt and pepper to taste.  Yes, I have nothing against using a small chunk of pork cube to flavor up the broth.  You can tell when the noodles are done as it will change to a slight translucent shade.  Just before the noodles are completely done, add the pork in.  Don’t worry, the meat won’t curl up or break apart, as long as you don’t stir it too much.  With the fire on the stove set to low, and the soup happily simmering, peel the eggs and slice.  Add the veggies last, as it won’t take long to cook.  Just make sure that the veggies are just almost done when you turn off the stove, as it will continue to cook while submerged in the hot soup.  This way, they will be just perfect by the time you serve them on the dining table.  Layer the noodles at the bottom first, then add the pork and veggies to the side, pour in the soup, and top with egg slices.  Take a bite and let the stress ebb away.

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  2. […] There was a time when i could buy pork ribs in the supermarket.  Just the ribs, and I could cook it directly into a nice BBQ slab.  But alas, they no longer offer it.  Now, I have to buy it with the liempo part attached to it.  So the last time I had to buy the whole slab, I just told the butcher to separate the liempo from the ribs, and I used the liempo part to cook the lechon kawali and pork hofan noodle soup. […]

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