Rodic’s Tapsilog

There are two things that draw us to this place that is famous for good tapsilog.  One, my hubby, D, loves tapsilog.  That is probably his comfort food.  Two, I am an alumnus of UP, and Rodic’s is one of the pillars of reasonably-priced good food in the five years of my student life.

I don’t exactly remember how we ended up in Rodic’s.  Probably it was after one of those afternoons when we used to jog (walk) around the acad oval.  We got into the habit of jogging during sunset instead of early saturday morning, and on one of those occasions I suggested that we have dinner at Rodic’s afterwards.

I’m not gonna deny that Chocolate Kiss is my all time favorite dining place in UP Diliman.  But I can only dine there as often as my budget allows.  I reserve it for times when I meet up with college friends.

So, anyhow, remember this glass door that welcomes you in?  Remember that familiar signage?

And of course, the star of the show, the tapsilog.  Shall I say, THE tapsilog? I know, it doesn’t look like the usual tapsilog, where beef slices are much bigger.  It looks more like beef floss.  You gotta taste it first.  The oily fried egg on top is just part of the experience.

I remember when friends in college used to order an extra cup of rice and just mix everything together.  And how the taller ones hit their foreheads on the low ceiling on the second floor. Hahaha!

D had the extra barbecue sticks.  Another one of his weaknesses.  Getting hungry? =)


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