Choco Syrup and More

What do you shop for when you’re out of town?

My rule of thumb is, you only buy it if it’s not available in your hometown, or it’s half the price.  You always have to weigh the options and consider whether it’s worth the trouble to pack and carry.  You know how limited luggage space is.

So anyhow, here is what I recently added to my cupboard…

The plain Hershey’s syrup (leftmost) is what I have in my ref, bought locally, and used in ice cream and waffles.  Yes, waffles!  A friend of mine was watching me with amusement when I slathered my waffles with chocolate syrup when I stayed over.  I added it to the picture, so that you can compare the sizes.

Beside it is Hershey’s Special Dark syrup.  I love dark chocolate, so I couldn’t resist taking a bottle when hubby and I saw it at the Hershey’s shop inside Sentosa in Singapore.

The two bottles on the right are ice cream toppings purchased at a grocery shop in California. The Reese’s Shell went very well with Selecta’s Reese’s Peanutbutter Cups ice cream.  Yum.

I can practically see all those calories piling up already. =)

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  1. […] This was served because there was leftover cream from the Eggplant Lasagna dish.  I used cream for both the sauce and on the mashed potatoes that went with it.  The remaining cream was left in the ref and made into a topping for this yummy dessert. Chocolate used was the Smuckers Magic Shell. […]

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