Dinner at Tender Bob’s

Another night of fine dining thanks to CashCashPinoy vouchers.  This time, we went to a place we’ve been to before.
The voucher costs Php275 for a Php500 value.  We had two vouchers, and these are what we ordered…
Potato Skins, Php170.  Garlic mayo dip and cheese dip on the side.  We finished that big plate.
Cream of Mushroom for hubby, and French Onion Soup for me.  Soups cost Php110 per serving.  I love onion soup, even more so because I can’t cook it at home.  It takes several hours of simmering, so… not too practical to cook for small quantities.  But a good friend gave me a cookbook that contains a good recipe, so maybe I’ll try it someday.  I need to get that Corningware stovetop casserole dish with cover first. *wink, wink*
I have to admit, I was already feeling a bit full after the appetizer and soup.  But I still finished my entrée!
Aussie Lamb Shank for the hubby.  He said he liked the lamb dish, but prefers the steaks.  Well, they specialize in steaks, so I guess that makes sense…
Medium-rare Rib Eye for me. (No bone in the center)
Meat was soft and cooked according to instructions.  We had steamed veggies on the side and mashed potatoes.  They were pretty generous with the gravy too.
The best part?  The great service.  Servers were polite and not waaaay tooooo attentive.  And when we needed something, it wasn’t that hard to catch their attention.  That’s a biggie for me.
Overall, because of the vouchers, we only spent about a little over Php600 for all that, inclusive of service charge.  Not bad at all! Good deal! 🙂

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