Good Food at The Chocolate Kiss with Good Friends

The Chocolate Kiss is my favorite dining place while I was still an undergrad at UP Diliman.  By no means is it cheap for a student’s budget, so we only dined there on very special occasions.  I remember we had lunch there after my graduation from the College of Engineering.
It is aptly located at the Bahay ng Alumni. I say aptly, because I believe most of the people who gather there are alumni who meet up with former classmates, swapping stories amidst good food. I have done that too.  When D and I found out that our wedding photographer and his wife were graduates of UP too, we met them at The Chocolate Kiss as well, one week before our wedding.
This time, we met some of my office friends for a foodtrip.  The first one was at Banawe a few months back, which, yes, I have not blogged about yet.  We almost didn’t push through with this particular trip, thanks to the weather.  The original plan was to have lunch at the Beach House, then dessert at The Chocolate Kiss, then a mid-afternoon snack at the famous Mang Larry’s Isawan.  Thanks to the rain, we ended up just spending almost five hours at The Chocolate Kiss. Hahaha.  And this is with people I see at work 5 days a week!
We ordered some appetizers while waiting for the latecomers to arrive…
French Fries…
Onion Soup
Mushroom Soup
And some Rumaki, which is chicken liver wrapped in bacon.
And for the main course, of course my hubby had to have the salpicao.  (Sorry, forgot to take a picture of this one)
I tried the bagoong rice which came with curried pork. I think I still prefer sweetened pork rinds with my bagoong rice.  Nothing wrong with the curried version, I just prefer the sweet meat to go with the salty rice.
Other friends ordered the Salisbury Steak, Chicken Kiev, Kalbi Chim (beef ribs), and Hainanese Chicken.  Of course, with the ever famous freshly brewed iced tea and honey syrup.
And for dessert, some cheesecake, sans rival, (the famous) Queso chiffon (cheese-flavored cake, a really good choice), carrot cake, and what I ordered, Texas Square Sundae.
Menu and prices are posted in their website, as well as a map for those of you who have never been there.  Another branch is located at Roces Avenue.

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