Food Trip at Banawe Street, QC

*All photos courtesy of my friend over at
I don’t really remember how the conversation started, or who made the plans.  I think there were several incidents when I’d be discussing with a colleague, and a fil-chi friend and I would casually drop in a Chinese restaurant that we’ve both be overly familiar with, and it’d be a never-heard-of place for the others. Anyhow, so we agreed to have a food tour along Banawe Street in QC, famous for two things: auto shops and good food.
First stop, lunch at Tasty Dumplings. Ironically, the porkchops made it famous.  Nonetheless, we had an order of dumplings as an appetizer, as some did not eat breakfast that day.  Each order had 8 pieces of dumplings, so we had it split into 4 fried and 4 steamed.  It came with some soy sauce, and when the chopsticks arrived, we started digging in.  As you can see, we didn’t get to take a picture until half of it was gone.
The fried dumplings were nice, but I really prefer the steamed ones.  I don’t like oily food.
After that, everyone was ready to order.
They chose the house specialty, pork chops with rice and veggies.  Ironic, isn’t it, that a place named after dumplings would be best known for their pork chops.  But no complaints, everyone loves their pork chops.  I’ve been ordering it since I was in high school, back when Tasty Dumplings was still located near Kaliraya Street.  Anyhow.  It amazes me how they can make the chops paper thin and crunchy. The breading is really good too. It comes with a special patis-something sauce on the side.
I had the Hongma Rice just for variety.
Next stop, dessert at our favorite (milk) tea place, Serenitea.
I’ve been wanting to blog about Serenitea for the longest time, but I always seem to forget about my camera as soon as I give my order.  Luckily, my friends brought their jazzy SLRs with them.  Hubby joined us at this point, and had his usual order of Pepper Corn and Pepper Chicken Chops with freshly brewed jasmine green tea.
Crowd favorites were the Okinawa milk tea and Frosting (which has a scoop of vanilla ice cream).
Last stop, King Chef’s dimsum promo repertoire.  Available from 7-9am, 2-5pm, and 9pm onwards.
Almost everyone was so full by then, probably from the large cups of milk tea, but still managed to try a bite from the different dimsum dishes that we ordered.
Many other restaurants have sprouted along Banawe since then.  We’d better try them out soon! Hehe! J  
Some directions if you’re planning to go there.  Coming from Edsa, turn right on Banawe Street… then…
Tasty Dumplings
583-585 N.S. Amorante Ave. cor. Banawe St.
*turn right on Amorante Avenue
N. Roxas St. cor. Banawe
*3rd street from Quezon Avenue, right side
King Chef
989 Banawe St.
*go past Del Monte Avenue, just beside Starbucks

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  1. […] Hubby and I regularly go to Serenitea, but we have tried others.  We heard about Serenitea from a friend via facebook, and since it was pretty near our place, we tried it out.  The food is pretty good too, something I’d very much recommend to my friends, which is why we included it in the itinerary when we had our foodtrip at Banawe. […]

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