Braised Chicken in Oyster Sauce

This is an emergency recipe.  By “emergency” I mean I had planned on cooking something else (a broccoli salad with cheese dressing) but the grocery did not have the ingredients that I needed.
So, this is what I whipped up instead.  Chicken braised in Oyster Sauce, mixed with veggies.  I try to always cook veggies.  In this case, mixing the meat with the veggies means I only have to cook one dish instead of two.
In this case, I used chicharo.  You may also use baby corn, or mushrooms.  It’s really easy to make.
Step 1.  Stir fry the veggies in a little oil.
Step 2.  Remove the veggies from the pan, and stir fry the chicken with some minced garlic and a small onion until slightly brown.  Add a dash of soy sauce while doing so.  Stir frequently to make sure it doesn’t burn on one side.
Step 3.  Add about half a cup of water, adding a little more at a time before the liquid dries up.
Step 4.  Add the oyster sauce and starch slurry after 15 minutes.  I also added a few drops of sesame oil just for aroma. If you find the sauce too salty, like if you added too much oyster sauce, feel free to add some sugar.
I usually simmer chicken for about 25 minutes to make it really tender.  I have a personal rule wherein I simmer the meat first to tenderize it, before adding the flavorings.  I’m thinking of adding a separate entry on my kitchen basic rules.

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