Dinner at BigOli

Yeah, yeah, yeah… another coupon adventure. I can’t help it. This is what we do on nights when hubby and I both get off work late. We eat out, and what better way to try new places at terrific prices?


But I do my homework before I buy the vouchers. Here are the things that I check:  location, validity dates and days, dining hours, reviews, and prices.


I was not too worried about BigOli since several websites say that it is run by the same people who own Fazoli’s. I used to work in Eastwood before, and Fazoli’s is one of the places that served good food with consistent quality. The chicken was something we always ordered every time we were there.


So, armed with a Php500 voucher, we each ordered a pasta with chicken combo (two pieces chicken per order), plus soda. Each pasta-chicken combo costs about php170, so I ordered another extra 2-pc chicken with rice for take out (take away, to go… depending which country you’re from, hahaha). I also ordered extra marinara sauce for my pasta for Php15. That is, because I knew there was a basket of free garlic bread refills going around. I love eating bread with pasta sauce. The warm bread was just too good. I have no regrets over buying that extra sauce. Hubby and I shared happy how-was-your-day stories amidst the sauce-dipped bread. I think we pretty much had at least 5 bread refills.

So, for the main dish, hubby had pesto with chicken…



… and I had spaghetti with marinara sauce with my chicken. I told them to separate the chicken from the pasta. Call me Adrian Monk if you want to.


In the end, after all that garlic bread, I didn’t even touch the chicken. We just had it wrapped up. So, adding to the 2-piece with rice that was sitting beside us, we took home rice with four pieces of chicken. Pretty much, the Php500 voucher was enough for 2 big dinners. Haha. Loved it. Quite an experience. Definitely going back. 🙂


Ristorante BigOli is at Trinoma Mall, top level, near Cinema 7.


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