Banana Dessert

Easy to make, fun to make, healthy.

This was served because there was leftover cream from the Eggplant Lasagna dish.  I used cream for both the sauce and on the mashed potatoes that went with it.  The remaining cream was left in the ref and made into a topping for this yummy dessert. Chocolate used was the Smuckers Magic Shell.


The fun part was making the cream swirl.  If refrigerated, all-purpose cream becomes a thick goo.  After slicing the bananas into a bowl, what I did was to transfer the refrigerated cream into a flat plastic bag. I snipped a small hole in the corner.  Squeeze the top portion and decorate as if you would the icing on a cake.  Kids will probably enjoy doing that.  Afterwards, just top with chocolate syrup.  Colorful marshmallows would work too. This is a much cheaper alternative to buying canned whipped cream.


Here’s to healthier desserts!

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  1. This looks simply delicious
    please stop by and say hi.

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