Sambokojin Feast

I was hearing friends going to buffets left and right, here and there, those online vouchers apparently giving out irresistable deals.  To me, they are still expensive, as most deals are made by hotels.  But hearing them everyday was torture, and I figured that with all the belt-tightening with our funds lately, we could use a break once in a while.  Even people on a diet do that, don’t they? 🙂

So after much research, I remembered a place that I pass by everyday on my way to work, but had never tried.  And a friend had mentioned in facebook months ago that it served good food.  Of course, I also did my homework.  All searches led to good reviews.  After a very short discussion with the hubby, we set a date on when we would give it a try.  We invited some friends too, but apparently we chose a day when everyone was busy.

So anyhow.  Should I mention how we planned for it?  Suffice it to say that we did NOT starve ourselves by skipping breakfast.  I don’t believe it’s a good idea.  (On a side note, try to google around for tips on getting the most out of buffets.  Some are useful, some are funny, but searching was fun. Haha.)

We tried to make reservations the night before, for 11:30AM.  The lady on the line told us that we would have to be there by 11AM, as reservations were pretty full and that they would only hold our seats for 15 minutes.  Wow.  Business was that good, huh?

So we arrived ten minutes early, and free valet parking greeted us.  Since the owner of Sambokojin also owns the Dads-Saisaki-Kamayan chain, we pretty much expected the same rules and policies.  Sambokojin is more similar to Yakimix, offering the smokeless grill which is probably the hype these days.  The first and last time I was at the Saisaki place along Edsa was almost 5 years ago, when we took some visitors from work to lunch there.  Now the place boasts of clean interiors and upgraded furnishings.  Nice new leather seats.  White walls and tables that have a calming effect.

The waiter greeted us at our table and we told him it was our first time there.  He gave us a pretty decent introduction, which included the different bottles of sauce provided on each table.


He also gave us a small serving of appetizers.


He turned on the grill, and we were good to go.


For my first round, I concentrated on sashimi and rolls.


Now, I’ll move on to the buffet line.  Did I say it was pretty much like Yakimix? Well, it really was.

On one section, your fill of sushi, sashimi, maki, and all other intricate goodies.


On one end, the deep fried tempura goodies.  Tempura almost anything. Shrimp, crabsticks, fish (asohos), squid, veggies… One good thing to note though, and this is where they score a big point for me, they were really fast in replenishing stocks.  Especially on the shrimp tempura, which is a crowd favorite wherever you go. Kudos!


And some other pre-cooked food.  The chapchae noodles were good.  The beef stew was soft and tender, and when I dipped it in some calamansi, it was ooh-so-good.


There was soup too.  Miso soup.  I’m not a big fan so I skipped this one.  There was a big vat for plain rice too, which, surprisingly, people went to often.  I never eat rice at buffets.  Oh well, their choice.


Beside it, a lavish expanse of flavored raw food that you can cook on the smokeless grill.


At the very end, the dessert table, filled with fruits and sweet cakes and 4 flavors of ice cream.  The round chocolate cake was good, not too sweet.  Coffee flavored ice cream was well worth the extra calories.


The winning point, really, was the crew.  The service was just awesome.  No complaints on anything that we asked for, and it was easy to catch their attention.  Friendly and efficient, too.

Will we be back? Maybe, but not soon.  Buffets, truth to be told, are unhealthy.  You will eat waaaay too much, more than your capacity, simply because you are trying to get your money’s worth.  Once in a while is okay.  Let me burn off those 2000 calories that I ate first.


After six hours, hubby and I are still full. And burping. Whoopee.  Definitely skipping dinner. 🙂

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