Alyanne’s Cafe

Here is another food adventure using an Ensogo voucher.  No pics from this trip, since I made it a personal rule not to take pictures when eating out with my mom and dad.

Though I have never heard of Alyanne’s Cafe before, and neither has any of my friends, I was still inclined to buy because first, the place was so near our house that we can probably walk it, and second, when I googled it, someone had celebrated a birthday there.  There were no comments in the blog on whether the food was good or not, but have you ever heard of anybody celebrating a birthday in a new place that he/she hasn’t tried yet?  No, it’s always comfort food on a birthday.  That raised my confidence level higher.

Still, I have to admit, I told D that I wanted to check the place out before we actually purchased the vouchers.  We didn’t go in, but we just checked the exteriors.  If I was taking my mom and dad there, at the very least the place should be presentable from the outside.  When we drove by, there were lots of parking and the place looked new.  So we went ahead with it.

You can browse the original post at the Ensogo website for pictures of the food.  It really did look a lot like the actual thing on the table.  The good part was that they had a mix of western and chinese food on the menu.  My sister had ordered pasta while my dad had his fill of chinese cooking.  The serving was big, bigger than what I had expected.  Each dish was cooked delicately, and the staff were attentive and efficient.

We only used 2 vouchers (worth Php500 each) and that was enough to feed 5 adults, with some leftover dishes that we had them wrap up.  I highly recommend the seafood with broccoli, definitely a must try.

You can view their entire menu here.



Check out the details of our second trip to Alyanne’s!

3 Responses to “Alyanne’s Cafe”
  1. bong avendano says:

    thank you for a very nice write up…. it’s a pleasure to know that you enjoyed our food… hope you can visit us again…. thank you very much!!! Alyanne’s Cafe

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