Oriental Chicken

This is based on a recipe online that I got at Little House.  I know, I know, the picture below is a far cry from the original recipe, but it tasted great, and that is what matters the most! 🙂
Oh, and I used sunquick concentrate as replacement for the orange juice. 🙂
This is a braised chicken recipe, so there really isn’t much to do except to prepare the braising mixture then wait until chicken is soft and tender and sauce has the right thickness.
Here is a rundown of the ingredients for the sauce:
5 parts Olive oil
2 parts Orange juice (I used 1 part concentrate)
Brown sugar (I used 1 part to balance it with the juice concentrate)
2 parts soy sauce
2 parts tomato ketchup (I used 2 packets)
1 part vinegar
4 cloves garlic
¼ part paprika
1/8 part Chinese 5-spice
Cornstarch slurry to thicken up the sauce
Just boil the chicken, and mix all the other ingredients (except the cornstarch slurry) in a separate bowl.  Mix and add the sauce to the pot, and braise until chicken is soft.  As a general rule, I use 20 minutes minimum for chicken.  Add the starch slurry last, to your desired thickness.  Serve hot!
On the side, some mixed veggies, which I had purchased frozen from the supermarket.  Good combination.
2 Responses to “Oriental Chicken”
  1. ylenia says:

    I’m just wondering what Chinese 5-spice is,
    probably we don’t have that in this part of the world

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