Pepeton’s Grill

Hubby and I went to Pepeton’s Grill on a Tuesday afternoon.  We came early for the dinner crowd, just a little past 5PM. I knew before we went there that the place had a special dish called ‘Kapalmuks’ – half of a pig’s head deep fried until crispy.  However, that will probably be too much for us.  That is more ideal for a big group sharing a meal.
After browsing the menu, and asking the attending waiter for a recommendation on their specialties, we ordered Lechon Sisig and Sinuman na Tyan ng Bangus.  The Lechon Sisig was meaty, and the serving was bigger than usual. Downside is that though they served it on a sizzling plate, the sauce came a bit late, so the sisig was no longer sizzling when the mayo arrived.  I guess the difference between the usual sisig from the lechon sisig really makes the difference, on how fatty or meaty you want your food to be.  The lechon sisig had obvious meat chunks.
How do I describe the Sinuman na Tyan ng Bangus?  Four boneless bangus fillets, wrapped in banana leaves, with tomatoes and onions and other fillings in between, and swimming in dark sauce.  It reminds me of grilled bangus, except that the sauce was poured in.
D and I finished the fish and most of the sisig, along with three cups of rice split between us and a huge glass of iced tea.  We took a picture of the glass with the bottle of savor, so that you can picture how tall the glass is.
For prices and the complete menu, you can visit their website.  We used two Php99 vouchers (with Php250 value each), and ended up paying an additional Php118.  Not a bad value, since we are using the vouchers.  Food was good, and the range of dishes that they offered was unique.  The waiters were also very knowledgeable of the menu, a definite plus.  The only downside was, well, the service was quite slow.  Considering that we came early, waaaay before 6PM, and there were only two other tables occupied. Food took at least 20 minutes to serve, and even the takeout bag (for the leftover sisig) took ten minutes.  Hmm.  I wonder how much slower the service would be during peak hours on weekends.
Pepeton’s Grill is located at the corner of Mother Ignacia and Scout Borromeo.

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