Alyanne’s Cafe – Part 2

The third (and last!) voucher for Alyanne’s Cafe that we had was used over the long weekend.  This is really a sad note for me, I wish I could have bought more!  There was a limit on the number of vouchers that you could purchase online.  Oh well.

So, on to our second trip.  Another occasion where we had pretty much the whole place to ourselves.  Quite odd, though, because they serve really good food.  Fret not, I have pictures to show this time. 🙂

Since it was just me and my hubby, we used up the entire voucher on more food that we could consume.  No problem, we could just have them wrap whatever we couldn’t finish.  And we made it a point to not order the dishes that we have already tried the last time we were there.

Let me start with the big winner.  Fish Fillet in a Nest.  The fish fillets were rolled with mushroom.  I had to ask the waitress what kind of fish they used.  It was THAT good.  Lightly flavored, not too salty.  And the bird’s nest was amazing.  Not just the presentation, but it was fried just right.  Not too burned, yet crunchy.  D thinks they mashed potato shavings between two strainers for frying.  Anyhow, we had absolutely no complaints about this dish.  Something that I’ll gladly order again.  And recommend.  When we finished our rice, we asked them to wrap up the excess fish but leave the potato nest so that we could devour it while it was still crunchy.  Yum.

Second dish, Spareribs with Tausi.  We didn’t expect this to be a spicy dish, so we were quite surprised.  I don’t like spicy food, so I only had one piece.  D loves spicy food, and he was very much okay with finishing the dish himself.

Lastly, Lohan veggies.  Actually, they spell it as Lohon vegetables.  I almost complained about this dish.  Not that it tasted bad, no, the taste was really good, very light and fresh.  It was just that I assume that Lohan veggies had to have the brown, stringy, hair-like things in them.  At least, because that’s what I always see in other chinese restos.  But thanks to Alyanne’s free wifi, we learned that it just pertains to an all-veggie dish.  Wikipedia has an interesting entry on it which includes the origin of the name from Buddha’s younger days.

Now, just a snapshot of how much food we took home afterwards.  Yes, that’s after our dinner.

Alyanne’s Cafe, please offer more vouchers!  🙂

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