FoodFind: Yang Chow

This just goes to show you how lazy I am with regards to blogging.  We’ve been to Yang Chow at Eton Centris three times already.  But it’s okay, because that just means I have more pictures to post! 🙂

How did we find this place?  I pass by it on the way home from work everyday.  From the MRT along Edsa, you get a clear view of the facade of Yang Chow.  Location was convenient too. Eton Centris is at the corner of Edsa and Quezon Avenue, and the MRT Quezon Avenue station is linked to the Eton Centris complex.  They have a Sunday market too, but I’ll save that for another post someday.


On our first trip, D and I shared an order of Beef Brisket and THE Yang Chow fried rice.  I mean, why eat in a place called Yang Chow and not try their specialty, right?  Fortunately, the fried rice did not disappoint.  Lots of meaty goodness, and it went well with the tasty beef brisket.  We thought it’d be too much for us, but we actually finished the whole thing.  I’d recommend the beef brisket if you’re dining there for the first time.


Oh, and I couldn’t resist an order of rice rolls.  Very few restaurants offer this, so this is a treat for me.  I ordered the shrimp one, and each slice had one whole piece of shrimp in it.  The shrimp was kind of small, but for the price, it wasn’t bad at all.


At our next visit, hubby ordered the pork asado rice while I had the Lotus Leaf Tausi Spareribs rice.  The asado was good, but the serving size was quite disappointing.  Maybe it would just be enough for petite diners.  My rice “bowl” was big, but not enough spareribs for the amount of rice that came with it.  See the pictures and decide for yourselves.

We had noodles for our third visit.  We came on a Friday night past 8PM. I was really hungry after hours of overtime work in the office.  We each had a serving of noodles and a side order of dimsum.


Hubby had the beef wanton noodle soup, with his favorite, radish cake.

I had the seafood hofan.  Quite oily, but the taste was superb.  I drizzled it with a bit of calamansi, and I knew I could finish the whole plate.  On the side, some chicken feet.  The chicken feet was okay.  Nothing fancy, but not bad either.  I guess it missed the chewy texture that goes with steamed chicken feet from other places.


Another thing we enjoyed, the interiors.  I don’t know who designed the place, but whoever you are, you did a great job!  Check out the central “chandelier”, and yes, even the washrooms had a certain flair to it.



Ain’t these pictures below real sassy? I just love it! 🙂


I heard they have branches at Shopwise too.  I guess this is the equivalent to Puregold’s Luk Foo.  I’d recommend this place.  Relaxing, and you can’t go wrong with the taste of the food.


Check out their menu…



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  1. joylien says:

    pwede po ba mag apply dito as cashier po?

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