Kani Salad

I know it’s a weekday, and I usually blog on weekends, but I’m really excited about this post. This is the first time I’ve made Kani Salad, an appetizer which I truly adore.


There were several obstacles I had to face before my first attempt.  One, how to shred the cucumber.  I had no intentions of julienne-ing a whole cucumber by hand. Besides, I wanted uniform sizes, and cutting it by hand just won’t do.  I solved this dilemma (bright idea just popped on my brain today!) by using a melon scraping tool.  Well, I don’t know what the proper name for that tool is, and it seems they’re only available in this part of the world (?) — and I just bought one today, to scrape cucumbers.  So I guess you could say that it did not fulfill its main purpose in life, but it sure made me very happy.  Uniform slices, plus it stayed crunchy and juicy.  I couldn’t ask for more.  Oh, and it came in two sizes, I chose the bigger one.  I’ll make a separate post on my kitchen tools next time.


Secondly, I was hesitant about buying japanese mayo.  It’s pretty expensive, and I know of no other use for it except for Kani Salad.  Anyhow. I saw a small bottle in the grocery last time, and it was about Php200 for a small bottle.  Turns out that the bigger bottle is more than twice the size but only costs about Php60 more.  And the expiry date was more than a year away, so I finally got a bottle.  We only use a small amount at a time anyway, so the bottle will go a long way.


To make the kani salad:

1.  Shred and wash some lettuce.  I use a salad spinner to dry the lettuce leaves.  Today I used iceberg lettuce, maybe next time I will try romaine.

2.  Slice the cucumber in half lengthwise and scoop out the seeds.  You can then start shredding them into thin strips.  I tried an experiment by cutting the other half of the cucumber in half too — crosswise — and I find that it was a better serving size, and made it easier for me to shred.  But to each his own, so you decide.  Continue doing so until only the skin remains.

3.  “Cook” and shred the kani — the crab sticks — the star of the show.  Some steam them, I just popped them into the microwave with a small amount of water.  They are usually formed into a rolled sheet, so I unrolled them first on a flat chopping board before cutting into thin strips. Some prefer shredding it by hand. Your choice.  I mixed the cucumber with the crab sticks.

4.  Dice some mangoes.

Make sure all ingredients are chilled.  This is a salad, so serving it cold would be really nice.

Distribute ingredients into individual bowls, then top with Japanese mayo.  I put the lettuce at the bottom, followed by the kani-cucumber mix, then mangoes.  The Kewpie japanese mayo comes in a squirt bottle, so making designs on top of the salad is easy.  Serve and enjoy!




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