Kailan Veggies with Mushrooms

Kai-lan veggies are crunchy green leafy veggies that look something like broccoli leaves.  Actually, they’re called Chinese Broccoli.  They have a slight bitter taste, but we love them because they stay crunchy even after cooking.  The bitterness is miles away from ampalaya though.  At chinese restaurants, you’ll usually find it in the menu, with either garlic stir fry, or oyster sauce.

Here is my attempt at cooking it at home with mushrooms.  I used shiitake mushrooms, fresh, as opposed to dried ones.  Fresh just tastes so much better.


Chop the kailan into desired length, and discard the thick end part of the stalk.  Stir fry it in a hot pan with a little oil and lots of garlic.  Transfer to your serving plate.

Cook the sliced mushrooms using the same pan.  In reality, you can stir fry them together.  I just separated them for the sake of aesthetics.  They cook real quickly.  Scoop them out and arrange on top of the Kai-lan veggies.

Last, the oyster sauce.  Mix oyster sauce with starch solution and heat until the mixture turns translucent.  Add a little sesame oil then pour on top of the veggies.  Simple and healthy.




2 Responses to “Kailan Veggies with Mushrooms”
  1. anne says:

    Where can you buy fresh chinese brocolli in Metro Manila? Ive only seen it at Chinese restaurants.

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