Gino’s Pizza

You’ll notice that I haven’t been posting recipes much… that’s because I haven’t been cooking! Didn’t cook for two weeks.  On the first week, I had to attend training in Makati which finished just before 6PM, so I didn’t make it home until 7PM, ergo, no time to cook.  On the second week, hubby had to attend some evening events at work, which meant I ate dinners alone, and just had salads.

Here’s one of the better food finds during those days when I had no time to cook, or was just too tired to cook.  Thanks to our friends JD and Dianne for recommending this place.  It was the first time for us to venture to Katipunan too.

Going inside UP, then turning right along C.P. Garcia Avenue takes you to Katipunan Avenue.  Gino’s Pizza is on the same building as Mercury Drug, about 3 blocks after C.P. Garcia.  You’ll pass by a BPI branch and a gas station in between.


After scanning the menu, we opted for the prosciutto.  I liked prosciutto, tasting it for the first time during vacation at my cousin’s house in LA.  Hubby had not tried it yet and was willing to give it a chance.  The description says it had arugula leaves, which would at least give us some “healthy” benefits, haha.


The pizza was REALLY GOOD.  The winner, and hubby would agree, is the crust.  Cooked in a brick oven, the crust was crunchy and light and flavorful and smokey.  You’ll also notice that they use kesong puti on almost all their pizzas.  On the way home, I asked hubby if he liked the food, and his words were, “I am so definitely going back” — or words to that effect. 🙂



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  1. […] well… I did tell you I had high expectations.  The crust was similar to what we had at Gino’s.  The toppings were a bit ordinary to me. Gino’s had more authentic italian ingredients, […]

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