Waffles at White Hat Serendra

Did you even know that White Hat served waffles?

D and I went to Serendra after attending a wedding at Forbes Park.  It was a first time for D to go there, and book lover that he is, was looking forward to the huge Fully Booked branch there.  We had an early lunch that day to make it to the wedding, then made it to Serendra about 4PM.  We decided to have a snack first, then explore the bookstore, then have dinner.  When we reached Fully Booked, we saw that there was a Starbucks branch inside, and so agreed to just find a light snack there. But as we were going up the escalator to the third floor, we saw that there was a White Hat inside too!  Starbucks was full, and so, White Hat it was!

We didn’t know they sold waffles until we reached the counter.  I’ve been to many White Hat branches, but have never seen them sell waffles.  We definitely wanted to try them.  Hubby chose the banana caramel variety, and it turned out that my BDJ card would give us a free topping.  Oh yey, hooray for BDJ! 🙂

The picture you see above is the basic banana caramel waffle.  The extra topping that I chose was brownies (who can resist chocolate, right?), which they served later on on a separate cup.  One white swirl is whipped cream, while the other one is frozen yogurt.  Along with the banana slices and the caramel syrup are sliced walnuts.  Heavenly!

I don’t know what other branches serve waffles… if you do know, share them please!  Hopefully there’s one that’s closer to where I work! 🙂


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