Clams with Tausi

I cannot believe I haven’t posted this recipe.  It’s been months since I last cooked this dish.

The hardest part about cooking clams is the cleaning part.  You have to soak it in water for several hours, changing the water several times.  You have to make it spit the sand out, much like what you do for mussels (tahong).  My mom’s suki at the market says you should add salt to the soaking water, while the seafood vendor that I go to says you should add some vinegar to the last wash.  I also heard that some people just boil it in a little water then throw the sand-filled broth away.



Anyhow, let’s just assume you already have clean clams.  All you need to do is saute some garlic, ginger, and some tausi beans.  I use the Ram brand which comes in a little aluminum pouch, so I add in a little of the sauce that comes with it too.  Ginger, on the other hand, is standard fare for seafood.  Saute and mix until the beans soften.  Mix in some starch slurry to thicken it up.  Add the clams and stir, until they shells open up a bit.  Lastly, add the green onions.  I added it last because I didn’t want it to wilt that much.  You may add oyster sauce too, depending on how salty you want it to be.

On the side, some kuchay with shrimp. 🙂



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