Pho Hoa Appetizers

Think vietnamese food and Pho Hoa comes to mind.  I’ve eaten there a few times.  Some are hits and some are misses, but the noodle soups are pretty good.

On a day when D and I had a late lunch, we headed to Pho Hoa.  This was at the Greenhills branch, at the ground floor of Virra Mall.  We weren’t very hungry even though it was past 1PM already because it was one of those days when we had the Bellore breakfast buffets at 9am.  But we didn’t want to have lunch too late in the day either, lest we spoil the schedule.  Ergo, the ‘light’ lunch.

I am a big fan of vietnamese spring rolls, because they have that refreshing and calming effect on you.  If you remember, I also ordered that when we went to Kozui for lunch.  But before I ordered, I asked the waitress how many pieces came per order.  You gotta make sure you’re getting your money’s worth, you know. Haha. 🙂  Anyhow, it did not disappoint.  The eight pieces that arrived were packed solid with fresh ingredients, and I practically scraped the peanut sauce dish that came with it.

Hubby had rice.  Appetizer with rice!  Caramelized Chicken Drummettes — a generous serving of chicken lollipops with a separate honey sauce on the side.  Needless to say, he finished his rice with just two chicken pieces.  I had one piece and it was really good.  By itself, the chicken was meaty and crunchy and flavorful.  The sauce was sweet and salty with a faint hint of spice.

That was definitely one of our better trips there.




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