Shantung Dinner

I know I’ve said that there were very few websites that I buy vouchers from, but this is one exception.  A good friend in the office told me that there was a voucher for a restaurant called Shantung, which was very near our house.  I have never eaten there, but I’ve heard good reviews about the taste of the food.  My friend told me that the voucher was for a set of dishes, in particular the hot and sour soup and the fried chicken, which were their bestsellers.  This is definitely the chance to go and try out that restaurant.

I was warned, though, that the hot and sour soup would contain ‘betamax’ or chicken blood bits, which we definitely don’t eat (I don’t know anyone who does) so we knew enough to tell the waiter to omit that ingredient for us.  I had high expectations, and the soup did not disappoint at all.


The fried chicken plate has 8 pieces of chicken, but it really is just half of a whole chicken.  It was crunchy and juicy, and served with a sweet sauce on the side.  Something I would definitely order again.

We also ordered an extra veggie dish.  This one is called the Young Corn Vegetables with Quail Egg.  We made a good choice with this one.

Overall, Shantung served good food. And the service crew was really attentive!  The only downside was the lack of interior decors.  Typical chinese restaurant?  Maybe not, since places like Yang Chow have sprouted up and made good food with impressive interiors.

Oh, and one last note, even the plates were nice.  It was really the tablecloth and curtains that were less appealing.  Lots of potential if they just altered the decors a bit.  🙂


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