Dinner at Secret Recipe

This is my third trip to Secret Recipe.  The first time was when we had dessert and coffee there to celebrate my friend’s birthday, the second time was when I had my yummy salad lunch during the Mega Food Sale, and the most recent one was with hubby for dinner.

I guess it pays to do your research.  I had browsed their website a few weeks beforehand to decide whether or not I should purchase a discount voucher.  The website revealed that they had a promo, which I think was a pretty good deal.

Photo from http://www.secretrecipe.com.ph/promotions.html

So when we got to Secret Recipe, before we entered, I inquired about the promo. They said that yes, we could avail it.  Back then, I didn’t even know that it was just a lunch promo.  After we were seated and had given our orders, we browsed the menu and found out that the entree, without the drink and soup and dessert, already costs more than Php250.  Wow.

For starters, we had minestrone soup.  I learned to pronounce it right.  I always thought it was an english word.  Now I know.  Learn something new everyday. 🙂

Hubby had the Chicken Satay with SR Fried Rice.  I didn’t try it, but it passed his tastebuds test.

I had the Chicken Cordon Bleu, by process of elimination really, because the other two choices were typically spicy.  It was crunchy and meaty and flavorful, with lots of cheese.  And fries on the side.  The salad was really good too, with fresh ingredients and a burst of cool flavors.

For dessert, there were only 2 flavors available for the cakes, so we ordered one of each.

First was the Trans Fat Free Peach Cream Cake.  There were whole fruit chunks that were kinda sour. But D doesn’t like sweets, so this suited him just fine.  I didn’t like it that much.  Other than the fruit bits, the icing and cake were pretty tasteless to me.

The chocolate fudge cake was okay.  Nothing special really.  Makes me think you would be safer with their cheesecakes.  The portions were kind of small too… maybe they cut their cake to 16 parts?

Oh, one last picture.  The iced tea.  It was good.  Not the powdered kind.

I guess overall the meal was good, it was just that we were a bit disappointed with the cakes.  A very good deal, high ranks on the sulit factor.  Yes, we would go back. 🙂


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