Milk Tea Musings

It’s the latest craze.  While coffee is still an IN thing, you can’t ignore that milk tea places are sprouting up everywhere. Can’t blame the crowd though–in a country like ours, with our temperature and humidity levels, who wouldn’t be craving for a cold refreshing (and healthy!) drink?

We try to limit our tea intake to weekends, but there are still days when I begin to think that the milk tea addiction is more expensive to maintain compared to chain smoking or drinking beer.  At about P 100.00 per cup, it ain’t cheap, but it keeps us happy. Hah!

Hubby and I regularly go to Serenitea, but we have tried others.  We heard about Serenitea from a friend via facebook, and since it was pretty near our place, we tried it out.  The food is pretty good too, something I’d very much recommend to my friends, which is why we included it in the itinerary when we had our foodtrip at Banawe.

Hubby is perfectly happy to just stay loyal to a brand that he likes, but as I always tell him, you can’t say that it’s the best until you have tried the others.  So occasionally, we venture and try other brands — Zentea, Chatime, Gongcha, Milk+Tea, Ersao, Teaology, Bubble Tea, Bubbatealicious… and yes, Serenitea is still the winner for us!  Now, take note that this is a personal opinion, and you may or may not agree.  Zentea is too artificially flavored, and I find Gongcha and Chatime too creamy.  I have had bad experiences with the staff at Milk+Tea, besides the fact that their version of something as standard as chocolate milk tea didn’t make the cut for me.  Bubble Tea is probably the veteran here, but their prices have skyrocketed. Bubbatealicious was too sweet (even for their less-sugar-please version), and Teaology disappointed me with a dark chocolate milk tea that I was really excited to try because I loved dark chocolate and they were the only tea place I know of that offered it.  We still order Ersao as they have a branch within walking distance to our place, and they sell it at a price proportional to the serving size.  It is our go-to place when we are too tired to drive to Serenitea.  Ersao places #2 on our list, even though we pretty much have preferred flavors that we always order.  Oh, and we’ve tried Fun Tea too (I don’t know who chose the name for that place).  I guess it’s the stronger tea flavor that gives Serenitea the edge.

For the record, hubby orders the plain green tea, while I order the milk tea.  Which makes us give judgement from two perspectives.  Although nowadays, hubby is trying to “train” me into appreciating tea without the milk.  I am willing to try it since it’s healthier, though I need to ease up on the sugar level bit by bit.  Hey, baby steps right? 🙂  I’ve tried the black tea too, but I noticed that I have trouble sleeping at night when I drink it after dinner.  Oh, and only Serenitea makes the perfect partner to the freshly brewed tea — the lime jelly!  I gotta learn the secret to making them!

Though I have intended to make this blog entry for a long time now, I decided to do it today because we had a particularly fun time pigging out at the Banawe branch today.  Just between the two of us, we finished 2 orders of chicken chops, 1 peppered sweet corn, and 1 order of potato rounds with our cold refreshing drinks.  With books of course, and some free wifi.  We were joking about it when we left, that we had so much fun and it was so relaxing even though we hardly spoke a work to each other while we were there.  Bliss.  We didn’t even have the cozy sofa seats.  Just good food and amazing drinks and the friendly staff and each other. 🙂

3 Responses to “Milk Tea Musings”
  1. kars says:

    you may try Tea Please’s dark chocolate milk tea.. they’re located along Maginhawa St.

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