BDJ 2012 Planner

My Belle de Jour 2012 planner has arrived in the mail!  Pretty quick transaction too.  I ordered it on Wednesday, paid for it on Thursday, it was shipped out on Friday, and it was already in my hands last Saturday!

Though we were heading out when I saw it in the mailbox, I just took it with me and explored it while waiting for our orders at Serenitea.  Here are some things that I noticed, some changes to the 2011 version.

1.  There is a choice between book type binding and ring binding, and I chose book type for both my 2011 and 2012 planners.  The cover is thinner now, not a stiff hardbound like last year.  It’s still hardbound, it won’t bend or fold, but the thinner cover makes it a bit lighter.  I like.

2.  The cover has a nice matte leather-y feel to it.

3.  There seems to be a travel theme throughout the planner.  Most of the pictures inside have stamps or luggage or things relating to places, pretty much like what you see on the outside cover.

4.  More coupons!  Need I say more?  There are 80 this year.  Some partners are for online purchases too.

5.  The plastic container flap thing is back!  They had that on the 2010 ring bound type planner, but didn’t have it last year.  I like that feature, and I’m glad it’s back.

6.  The sides have markers, so you can easily flip to the right month.

7.  The corners show the week numbers.  I don’t think they had that on the previous planners.  I can think of a lot of jobs that would find that useful.

8.  Some coupons have better terms and conditions.  For example, for the ones at SM Dept store, last year showed 4 coupons, 1 per quarter of the year. Now it’s 2 coupons per 6 months.

9.  The daily-hourly space is on the upper part of the page.  It used to be in the middle, with some space on the top and on the bottom for most important tasks and personal errands.

10.  CBTL offers the ice blended drink!  Buy two, get one free.  Yey!  🙂

11.  The inside back cover still has a compartment to tuck receipts or coupons in.  But no more free thin notebook (not that I used it much anyway).

12.  Lastly, you only need 40 coupons to get a free planner for 2013!  This is way better, since the previous years demanded about 55/60  (thereabouts) coupons by September.  Whew!  Plus… you get 2 free planners if you use up 50 coupons.  Now THAT is a sweet deal. 🙂

Let me know if you decide to get the 2012 BDJ Planner, and if you liked it! 🙂


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