Tommassi Ristorante

After numerous tries, we finally managed to dine at Tommassi.  The first attempt was as walk-in guests, and we were told that you could only dine if you made reservations.  On the second try, we called a few hours before dinner, but that wouldn’t do either.  It had to be at the very least a day before.  Apparently, they had a special kind of dough for their pizza, and they made them only based on the number of reservations made the day before.  Since the vouchers that we had included a pizza and a pasta, we had to follow the rule and make an early reservation.  So we did.

Now, of course my expectations were really high, hearing about that freshly made pizza dough.  We went on Sunday lunch. It was the same day as the Pacquiao fight, and someone beat us to the 1-slot parking space in front of the restaurant, someone who was watching the Pacquiao fight on the restaurant across the street.  Anyhow, lucky for us the restaurant next door was closed for the day, so we parked there.

The voucher said we had a choice of one from 4 flavors of pizza, and one choice from 4 flavors of pasta.  Wonderfully, though, you could order any pasta, just pay the difference in the amount/price in the menu.

Hubby wanted to try a meaty pizza, so we ordered the Tommassi Speciale.  I would have preferred the Bianca Formaggio, which was their bestseller, but we had another voucher anyway, so we’ll just try that next time.

Since the pizza was already meaty, and hubby is not a big fan of seafood, and because we both wanted tomato-based pasta, we ordered the Pollo Italiano.

While waiting for the food, there was a bunch of magazines that you could borrow to keep you preoccupied.  And oh, I went trigger happy with the cute interiors.

Even the fork was cute.

The whole wall was a huge painting. 🙂

The pasta arrived first. It wasn’t as orange-y as I was expecting, but hubby loved the taste.  The pasta was just okay for me, but eating the meaty chicken and tomato bits afterward was much better.  It was drowning in olive (?) oil too.  Serving size was good for one.  Fine for me, but probably not filling enough for a growing teenager.

The pizza… well… I did tell you I had high expectations.  The crust was similar to what we had at Gino’s.  The toppings were a bit ordinary to me. Gino’s had more authentic italian ingredients, such as the prosciutto slices.  However, I loved how the tomato sauce was made of pureed tomatoes.  Real fresh too.  First time I experienced that in a pizza.  Thumbs up!

Oh, and the lady behind the bar was just wonderful.  She knew her stuff.  She didn’t look haggard at all.  AND she helps around in the kitchen too.

The voucher also included one glass of red iced tea.  So I had that while hubby ordered a can of soda for himself. The red iced tea tasted veeeery familiar… like the one at Tokyo Tokyo, I think?  It was also very sweet for us, so we just asked for more ice to dilute it with.

We were too full to have ordered dessert.  Maybe next time.  Looking forward to the next trip, I think we’ll try the meatball pasta with the cheese pizza. 🙂

To get to Tommassi from Quezon Avenue, turn right at Timog, then another right to Tomas Morato.  On the first corner, turn left, landmark is a branch of Shakey’s at the corner.

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  1. deohsan says:

    Nice magazines! =)

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