Broccoli with Zucchini

Last weekend was our company’s offsite activity at one of the beach resorts about 3 hours south of Manila.  One of the things that they served during lunch was a broccoli with zucchini dish which I loved and replicated at home.



This was real easy to make too. Just cut the zucchini into thin slices and stir fry with a small amount of minced garlic.  I cut it into quarters because the zucchini that I got from the grocery was short and fat.  They will sprout a small amount of sweet juice as you cook them.  When they’re looking a bit brown, add the broccoli florets.  Just make sure that the broccoli pieces are small so that they’ll be cooked all the way through.   On a separate bowl, mix some water, starch, and oyster sauce.  The starch will thicken the sauce.  Mix it separately because the starch will not dissolve in the hot pan.  Add the sauce mixture to the pot when the broccoli is half cooked.  Toss a bit more and that’s it!  You’re done!  🙂  Serve while hot. 🙂




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