Chinese Adobo

On one occasion when we were having lunch in the office, a friend and I started discussing on what the difference is between the typical Filipino adobo and what makes it a Chinese version of adobo.  We both grew up in the FilChi environment, and were exposed to a lot of chinese food.  Okay, so maybe calling it chinese adobo is really improper, but that’s the best way to describe it, really.   We agreed on a few things —

– Filipino version has vinegar, chinese version does not.  To be honest, on the Filipino version, vinegar is the important ingredient, soy sauce (or “toyo”) is not required

– Filipino version has potatoes and bay leaves (or laurel leaves), chinese version has mushrooms (shiitake)

– Chinese version has some sweetness added to it.  I used a bit of sugar and onions, my friend uses star anise

– Chinese version usually has the yellow string knots… I dunno what they’re called, but I’ll look it up at the supermarket




So here is my chinese adobo recipe!

Boil the meat until tender.  I used the liempo part, so a bit of fat was present. Nice.  Anyhow, I used enough meat for four servings.  Add the soy sauce, about a third of a cup.  Add some garlic and I dropped in one whole onion, peeled but unsliced.  3 sachets of sugar, sliced rehydrated mushrooms, and starch slurry.  Adjust seasonings depending on how much broth you have.  That was it!  Easy, huh?  Boiled eggs optional. Served with veggies on the side.  Dee-lish!



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  1. […] and adding rice to it.  There is a separate blog entry on what I think the difference is between a chinese and filipino adobo.  One thing I worried about is that I would be making it using brown rice for the first time. […]

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