Chocolate on My Waffles

No butter or maple syrup on my waffles please.  Just dark chocolate syrup, thank you.



If you find it weird that I put chocolate syrup on my waffles, you’re not alone.  A lot of people have told me how weird I am, haha. 🙂  Try it before you judge! Really good!

Before, I used to just add butter to my waffles, no maple syrup.  A friend also introduced the concept of mixing your butter with the maple syrup first to make a gooey paste before slathering it on pancakes and waffles.  That one’s good too!  That’s what I do now when I get pancakes from McDonald’s or someplace else.  🙂

I got the waffle maker from my cousin while I was visiting with them.  We were shopping at Target (or was it Walmart, or maybe both) and I was looking at the waffle makers.  He asked me why not just buy it in Manila to save the trouble of packing it and bringing it home.  But I said I wanted one that doubled as a sandwich griller.  Lo and behold, he had one in his garage that he was hardly using and was willing to give away!  Yay!

Next time I might try integrating the chocolate syrup into the waffle itself, but that entails more research since chocolate burns fast.  I’ll post a recipe if it becomes successful. 🙂






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