Lunch at Mesa

On the day of our very-late-night-flight trip to Malaysia, I skipped work to see a doctor about my aching toe.  Turns out I sprained a tendon, which I suspect was caused by one of my heeled sandals.  Hated that I had to wait for 3 hours before the doctor came (yes, I was first in line) but there are just some things you can’t control.  Oh well.  Anyhow, you know this post is about food, right?  So because we got out of the hospital at noon, there was no more time to cook, and we just cruised Tomas Morato for a place to eat.  We ended up at Mesa, and what a great lunch we had.

This is not the first time I ate at Mesa, but I think it was the first time for Hubby.  It was just the two of us, so we ordered one meat dish, one veggie dish, and rice.

First to arrive was the chicken pork adobo.  I always say you gotta know how to order.  We did good.  The serving was generous, well worth the price.  I have no complaints about the taste.  The meat was tender.  We wondered why it had a slight orange hue though.


Then we chose the Laing served two ways.  They call it the wet and dry versions, but they both had sauce.  I think I liked the wet version better, but both were really good.  They were sprinkled with crunchy pork on top.  Think pork floss, but crunchy version. 🙂


I took some pictures of the menu for a good reason.  One, to remember how much the food was.  THEN, it was to prove to D that the laing that he loved so much had bagoong.  Of course, I waited until he finished it and raved about it and asked me to replicate it at home before I told him he just had bagoong.  Yey for me! 🙂



Total price was just a little over Php400, which includes 3 cups of rice.    And even with the 3 cups of rice, we still had some leftover meat to wrap and take home.  Good deal indeed.

Here are some more pictures from the menu…






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