New Serenitea Favorites

I’ve written an entry before on how much hubby and I liked Serenitea compared to other milk tea places.  Aside from their drinks, we also love the food that they serve.  They really go well together, the semi-spicy, semi-salty mix of peppered chicken/potato/tofu/corn dishes and the slightly sweet drinks.  Since then, I am happy to report that I have learned to love fruit tea over milk teas, and can order it with zero sugar.  It really still is good, since the fruit flavorings are in syrup form which I’m pretty sure still have a significant amount of sugar in it.  Aside from the health benefits, it is more refreshing on a hot day to drink teas without the milk.  And it’s cheaper too, hahaha 🙂

Now, I’m going to blog about some new discoveries, part of the recent addition to their menu.  First up, mochi buns.


I’ve tried 2 kinds of mochi before trying the one at Serenitea.  First is the one filled with ice cream that are very popular in the malls nowadays.  The outer coating is a sticky whitish concoction which reminds me of Tikoy. They’re pretty expensive, at around 70 pesos per piece.  We just tried it once.   The second one is the type you can buy in the grocery.  Same sticky whitish coating, and the insides are bean pastes, slightly softer than the kind you would see inside hopia, with a gooey consistency of melted mozzarella cheese.  The third one, from serenitea is totally different.  I’ve seen it advertised in their posters for weeks now, but had only tried it a couple of weeks ago.  And I asked the cashier details about it before I ordered some, such as what the flavors were and how many pieces per order since they were a bit more pricey than the other food choices.  It’s different from the other mochis that I’ve tried but I really loved them!  For one, it’s warm with the comfort familiarity that comes from freshly baked pandesal.  Secondly, the flavors (chocolate, black sesame, and green matcha) are embedded into the bread.  Third, no sticky whitish exterior means no sugary concoction to go with your sweet drink.  It’s not salty either.  Even the chocolate flavored ones (there are 2 per order of 12 pieces) are more on the bittersweet side which I like.

The drink that I like now, and is the only milk tea that I order from them currently, is the Chaffe milk tea.  It’s coffee-flavored milk tea, and though the price is the same with the other milk teas, I consider this as my cheat day option or my reward myself drink.  I wouldn’t order it with any other sinker except coffee jelly.  The combination is really awesome. Lucky for me that they usually run out of coffee jelly when I order, so I end up with just fruit tea most of the time.:)  Here is how it looks like with the ultra-cool cup carriers.  It looks like your standard Okinawa color with big black cubes underneath.  Oh, and I like drinking mine with the thinner straws, makes them last a bit longer and are the right “bite” sizes.  


Try them both, let me know what you think! 🙂


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