Welcome Back to Me!

I haven’t blogged in months!  My excuse is that our desktop computer decided to breathe its last and we tried to have it revived before finally deciding to replace it.  Then we waited a few more weeks to agonize over whether we should get a laptop/netbook or a tablet with a keyboard.  Then fussy, budget-conscious, patient little me shamefully posted in my facebook account an inquiry on who would come home from the US. It amazes me how much cheaper the electronics are over there when most manufacturing companies for gadgets are in Asia!  Anyhow, I am grateful for my friend C who agreed to spare some space in her luggage for me.  When we met up so that I could claim the new toy, it was then that I realized how heavy it was (eep, really sorry!) 😦

So here I am typing away at the new tablet with bluetooth keyboard.  The savings is really significant, given that even with the keyboard and leather case, it still came out at over 30% savings compared to buying it in Manila.  The bluetooth keyboard works really well for me — and I measure that by saying that I don’t look at my keyboard while I type — and it’s small enough that it’s really portable and looks sleek and can camouflage as a netbook. Works really well with syncing the pics from my phone into the tablet too.  Overall, highly satisfied.  No more excuses about not blogging, and time to catch up with the dozens of food pics in my gallery. 🙂  Pardon the messy background in the photo. 🙂


my blogging assistant


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